Changing Trends in College Essay Writing 2016

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Essays have always followed a certain number of rules that have been used for decades, but things have changed drastically in the modern world and the new trends in essay writing for 2016 are about contributing new ideas that challenge old ways of thinking and blend perfectly with the technological advancements that we are experiencing on a daily basis.

Hitting a nerve

Believe it or not, one of the most powerful ways to do a great job with an essay in the modern world is to be able to hit a nerve that makes the reader feel uncomfortable in a good way.

This means that you should be able to make the reader question something they believe in, but this is a very difficult thing to accomplish as it requires hard evidence in order to be received with admiration instead of being dismissed as arrogant.

When you are able to bring any kind of evidence to question a way of thinking, you are going to get plenty of attention from the reader. This person is going to be incredibly curious and they will want to know if you are going to provide anything that will be worth their time and if you are going to be able to make them change their mind about a specific subject.

Never make it personal

The first mistake that someone makes when they are trying to debate something is to make it personal. This is usually going to cause for all of your theories and your words to sound biased.

You should never allow yourself to fall into that trap. Your only weapon should be all the evidence you can gather to back up your essay writing and that is the only thing that matters.

How to choose a topic

This is the hard part of making an essay that shines. You are going to have to do as much research as possible and once you find a topic that feels like it has a weak foundation, you might have a good place to start. Investigate the topic and question everything you can about it.

Then research for any way that can validate your arguments and you will be on your way to making an essay that stands out from the rest.

If there is debate, there is greatness

An essay that allows for a good debate to be created around it is always going to be a good essay. If you can make the reader feel the need to investigate this topic after they are done reading, you will be accomplishing the most powerful thing an essay writer could ever do.

Good topic ideas for essays

If you want to make a great impression on your teachers, you could write an essay about time management in the modern world. Another topic of interest would be technology and how it alienates us from social interaction. The truth is that there are many great sources for material that will allow you to create a good debate based on things that are currently affecting all of us.


Essay writing in 2016 is going to be all about being able to stir things up. You need to do you research and you should always aim for things that can be applied to modern times. The constant clash between humanity and technology is an excellent subject that has many different topics.

Keep all of this advice in mind when you write an essay and you should be able to get a good grade as long as you have something interesting to bring to the table.

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