Formatting Rules to APA Essay Format

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There are some important rules in APA formatting that you need to be able to use if you have an assignment that has to be provided in this format.

In this article, we are going to give you the details you need to know in order to meet the requirements of turning in an essay and achieving a good grade.

Never forget that formatting is strictly requested in most essays and this means that the grade will be heavily influenced by the formatting.

There are some general guidelines that you need to consider:

  • The paper needs to be 8 ½ x 11’’ and white
  • A half inch of space should be indented before the first word in every paragraph
  • 1-Inch margins need to be on sides and bottom
  • Times New Roman size 12 is the font type and size recommended
  • Every single line of text needs to be double-spaced
  • There should be a running head or header at the top of each page

The components for the APPA paper include:

  1. The tile page
  2. The abstract
  3. The main body of text
  4. The references

The title page

This is a very short page that is meant to have the Title of the paper, the running head, the name of the author and their institutional affiliation with a note by the author.

The abstract

The word “abstract” should be on the first line at the center of this page.

Then you can write a summary with very important points about your research as an introduction on the contents of the essay.

The abstract summary should not be indented like the text on the body of the essay, but it has to contain double spaces too.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it should never exceed 250 words.

The body

The running title needs to open this section followed by the title. You can begin an introduction that shows the premise that the research was based on.

Then a section for the methods used and the results need to be included separately as subtitles too.

The next step is to have a section for the discussion and this is also going to be extremely important as it allows for the analysis of the subject and it provides the most interesting reading for people.

A conclusion should also be included in this part of the essay.

The references

The running title and the word “references” should be included at the top of this page.

Then you need to make sure that all entries are double-spaced and in alphabetical order.

The idea is for every single article that you used for the purpose of research is included in your references.

It doesn’t matter if the data gathered from one article was minimal, it should always be quoted. This is a standard procedure in APA formatting and it helps keep all sources verifiable.

Final thoughts

  • APA formatting is very popular because it provides a great and smooth structure for the purpose of reading an essay.
  • The format is quite easy to understand and it won’t be hard to follow it strictly.
  • Once you have done a few papers in APA format, you will find that this is a very easy process that you can repeat as many times as needed without any difficulty.
  • Always remember to proofread your essays and double check on every aspect of the formatting.
  • Even the most brilliant essays could end up getting a bad grade because of this and this is why we emphasize double-checking your essay before you turn it in.
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