How to Become a Creative Writing Teacher

How to Become a Creative Writing Teacher

Out of all the professions that a writer could have, becoming a creative writing teacher can be a very rewarding experience, but the truth is that this is not the kind of work you want to do full time unless you are able to secure a job at a very prestigious learning institution.

With that said, there are some important things that you need to consider if you want to become a creative writing teacher.


The most common and useful degree you can get if you want to become a creative writing teacher is to get a Master of arts or fine arts in creative writing.

If you want to be able to teach in school or college this should be more than enough, but prestigious universities might require that you get a Ph.D.

The elementary creative writing teachers are usually not going to need much more than a bachelor’s degree.

The more you learn, the better, but keep in mind that all creative jobs are going to require for you to have some kind of experience to showcase in order to become an attractive choice for any learning institution to hire.

Work experience

Some would argue that work experience is way more important and useful in the writing world than having a degree.

Having very little experience might be ok for a job teaching in schools, but you should have some writing experience as a freelancer or at least a blogger online if you want to work at college or university levels in most institutions.

Try to land some writing jobs before you look for a teaching job. This is going to allow you to put your creative skills to the test and that is going to be essential if you want to find yourself in a position to show your skills to your potential employers.

A creative writer will also benefit from being able to gain experience as a columnist for a new paper or a magazine, so if you can find a part time job in any local paper or magazine or at least open a blog and start writing as often as possible, this is going to be a great portfolio for you to have on display at all times.

Being patient and having people skills

One of the most important things for a teacher to be able to have is the virtue of patience. This is going to allow you to be a professional at all times and find the best and most creative ways to help students who are struggling with learning ways to be creative in their writing.

This is definitely going to be a much better way to find success.

Get inspired

Always remember the importance that learning to be creative can have in your future and the future of those you teach. This is the main reason why we recommend that you get inspiration from seeing the kind of impact that creativity has had in the world in general.

As a creative writer, you have the power to say things that will change the world and this is a great responsibility to have.


To be a creative writer means to let your ideas flow and to come up with things that can be seen as fresh and new.

Creativity is a vast concept ad there are many ways to display your creativity in writing, just keep in mind that most people need to find inspiration to be creative and that is the moment when you will come in to help them find that creativity.

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