How to Create a Master CV (resume)

master resume writing

There have been many different approaches o the creation of a master resume. There was a time when people would include pretty much everything they did in life in their master CV, but times have changed and the priorities of the recruiters have also changed with them.

In this article, we are going to give you some important information on how you can create a master CV that will help you get that job that you have been looking for.

The essentials

The first thing you need to do is determine the essential information that you should write on your resume. If you have a master’s degree, you probably don’t want to be focusing on talking about the high school that you attended.

The point is that you should be very brief about old accomplishments unless you graduated with all the highest honors in high school and then in college, which is something worth highlighting.

Don’t include everything you have done

One of the biggest mistakes that people are making when they send their resumes is that they are talking about way too many things that are not useful at all.

They will print copies of diplomas they get from one-week training courses and they will proudly display them in their resumes un order to try to catch the attention of the recruiter, but most jobs that pay well are not going to be given to candidates that feel the need to highlight such unimportant events.

I know this might sound a little harsh, but when you try to pack your resume with a lot of small accomplishments, it usually means you have not achieved any substantial goals. The best thing to do is keep things light and simple. It’s better to have a one-page resume that offers the very best things you have done than to have ten pages that are worth nothing to a recruiter.

Make sure you print in color

Nothing can be better than creating a resume that truly sticks out due to a proper use of colors or the information provided. If you feel like you are not very good with colors and design, you could get someone to help you with that, but the use of proper colors and formatting is going to be very helpful and it will also make your resume stand out.

Take the time to talk about your personal goals

Nothing can be more rewarding for a recruiter than to read about a person that has very clear goals in their lives. This is usually going to translate into a disciplined person that is going to make a great employee. Don’t dedicate a whole page to this, but a nice strong paragraph about your personal goals and the things that drive you will be enough.

Point out your accomplishment without bragging

Bragging is something that is not appreciated by most people who are looking for new employees. If you have accomplishments, by all means share them, but try to always make sure that everyone who helped you achieve those goals is given recognition. Showing your vulnerabilities and your flaws and how you have grown to overcome them can also be a plus in your master CV.


There is nothing more important than being able to make the most out of your resume. A properly structured CV that cuts to the chase without leaving anything of importance behind is going to mean the difference between getting the job and continuing the search. Your dream job could easily depend on that first impression you make with your CV.

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