How to Decorate Your Dorm Room for Christmas

Christmas Dorm Room

There is no question that a large number of people get the holiday blues when they spend Christmas in their dorms, but there are many ways in which you can bring the Christmas holiday spirit to your current residence.

In this article, we are going to give you some important tips on how you can decorate your dorm room for Christmas.

  1. Hang a Christmas photo of you and your family
    This is going to be a good way for you to feel like your family is going to be present at least with a nice image of all of you together with a cool Christmas theme. This helps you deal with the homesickness of the holidays.
  2. Get Christmas wrapping paper for your door
    Yes, this is a very popular thing to do in our dorm room and most college campus grounds allow this sort of decoration. Make sure that you get enough of it for both sides of the door so that you enjoy the theme while inside the dorm room too.
  3. Hang some Christmas socks
    Nothing says Xmas like having some nice Christmas socks hanging from your walls. We know you probably don’t have a chimney in your dorm room, but any wall will do.
  4. Get a nice tree
    You can’t possibly have a Christmas vibe in any location if you don’t have a tree to remind you of the great things about this holiday. The good thing is that you can get a small artificial tree for a very affordable cost in many stores. Also get some decorations for it to make it look great.
    There are many stores that sell very cheap decorations for your tree and you can go out with some friend to shop for the best ones you can find based on your budget.
  5. Get some red blankets
    Buy red blankets and place them on top of your chairs, your table and your bed for a very cool look that is ideal for the holidays. This is the perfect color for the season and it gives more life to your dorm.
  6. Get window stickers
    This is one of the most affordable options for you to decorate your dorm room. Get window stickers and also stickers that you can place on your walls and doors. This is a great way to give a great vibe to your dorm room and it’s easy to remove them once the season is over.
  7. Buy some fake snow
    How about some fake snow to sprinkle all over the tree and in some other areas of your dorm. There are plenty of great ways to use this fake snow if you can be creative with it.
  8. Get some Christmas candles
    These are also very affordable and you can get them Christmas themed in many stores. Look for a variety of style and place them all over your dorm room. No need to use them unless you are very safe about it.
  9. Get a wreath for your door
    This is a great Christmas ornament for your door and it has become a tradition for most homes to use when the season begins. You can get a nice one for your dorm room and you could even make it yourself if you are feeling crafty and you have the required items.
  10. Decorate the bathroom
    Who says you can have Christmas spirit in the bathroom! This is the place where you spend the initial hour of your day, so make sure it also carries the Christmas spirit.


These tips for decoration should be more than enough for you to get the kind of results that you want when the season starts and you want to make your dorm feel like home.

This is a time for you to enjoy with your friends in college and it’s a great way to make it special for you.

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