How to Make Any Teacher Like You

good teacher

He college experience comes with a large number of different situations and in some cases, you are bound to have differences with people.

The problem for some students is that they might not get started on the right foot with a teacher and this could have a negative effect on their grades and their interaction with that teacher during their class.

In this article, we are going to give you some important tips that will get your teacher to like you regardless of their reputation for being difficult and strict.

Be yourself and be genuine in your approach

If there is one thing everyone dislikes is a person who tries too hard to be liked by others. This is even more of an issue when you try to do this with a teacher because it can be seen as an attempt to get a good grade and your teacher is not going to have a very good opinion of you.

Miss class as little as possible

Missing classes is never good, but if you miss one, you should always have a good reason for it. Letting your teacher know the reason why you missed a class is going to make them feel like you have respect for their class and this is going to be a very positive way to make your teacher like you.

Pay attention

Being in class to listen to your teacher is essential. The college experience is not the same as it was in high school and now you are studying for your future which is something that no one should ever take lightly.

Pay attention in class and always ask questions if you feel that you are not clear on any specific subject.

Your teacher is going to appreciate that you ask questions that make sense and they will value the fact that you are paying attention during their class.

Be on time

You should be in class before the teacher begins to give their class.

Students that are always late are never going to be liked by their teachers because this means that they don’t take the class seriously and that is never a good thing.

Always make sure that you can learn to manage your time so you won’t be late to class.

Always say hello

When you go into a classroom, you should always say hello to your teacher.

Remember that teachers are people just like you and they want to be treated with respect and they want to be acknowledged.

A teacher is there to teach, but showing gratitude for what you are learning is never a bad thing.

Respectfully disagree

Being able to disagree in a respectful manner is important if you are in class and your teacher says something you don’t agree with.

Always ask for permission to speak and never interrupt your teacher.

If you have a good and solid argument to debate what your teacher said, you should do it, but don’t try to say things in a way that will make your teacher feel uncomfortable. Question their teachings politely.


There are many students and teachers that necessarily like each other for all kinds of reasons, but part of the college experience is about learning how to deal with all kinds of people and situations.

Just follow the tips that we have given you and you will have no problems getting along with your teachers.

Always think about what you would want your students to be like if you became a teacher. This kind of empathic thinking is going to be very helpful too.