How to Make Money in College

How to Make Money in College

A lot of people aren’t lucky enough to reach college. However, not all people who go to college are also lucky enough to be financially stable. This is the reason why many college students still seek for part time jobs to support their studies.

Also, it is not bad to earn money while you are still studying. It can also help when you have spare money since you can buy things that the school may require (especially when you cannot contact your parents).

Below is a list of activities that you can do to earn money while in college:

Freelance Writing

Try freelance writing. Look for legitimate websites where you can sell your articles or eBooks (like Amazon, ClickBank or LuLu).

The bestsellers are the “How to” and guide books; hence, if you know how to do something, then write about it!
If you’re creative, you can also write fiction novels. You will never know when you will get discovered. Also look for websites who cater to freelance writers.

Selling T-shirt Designs

Do you love to draw? Are you a graphic design student? You can also design T-shirts and sell them online. Research a little bit about what’s hot right now and create designs similar to those. Look for websites like CafePress and Zazzle since they allow you to post and upload your own designs. These designs will then be placed not just on T-shirts but also on other various accessories.

Video Game Accounts

Do you love playing video games (especially online games)? You can sell your video gaming accounts online. Just ensure that your character or account is at a high level and meets the requirements of the buyer.

Look for websites like, and since these sites provide a reliable and trustworthy market for buyers and sellers alike. You can also sell the games that you finished on Facebook. You just have to look for video gaming Facebook groups.


Are you a fast typer? You can also try transcribing! This kind of job is not hard to find since there are thousands of people online who need something to be transcribed. Most of the audio files range from 1-3 hours long and clients demand that the file be transcribed within the day. All you need to do is a quick internet search to find them.

Child Care

If you feel happy around toddlers or babies then try childcare while you are not studying for your exams. There are lots of parents out there who don’t have time for their kids. However, take note that you must appear to be trustworthy since they will be entrusting to you their children. All you need to have is patience for these little kids.

Sell Unwanted Stuff

Are you living alone in your apartment or with your parents? You can sell unwanted and useless stuff on eBay. This will help clear your house and your room.

Uber Taxi

Do you know how to drive and are you familiar with lots of places? Try being an Uber Taxi driver. You can download this app on your mobile and the drivers use their own cars to transport people.

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