How to Win Any Debate

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There is no question that debates are very challenging conversations in which two people express their opinions about a subject.

Most debates require that people spend a great deal of time learning about a subject in order to be able to answer any questions and object to the arguments presented by the other person.

A debate is won when one of the people involved is able to bring something to the table that the other person or party involved in the debate is not going to be able to refute.

In this article, we are going to give you some important tips that are going to allow you to win any debate.

Do your homework

The first thing is that you need to do as much research on the subject of the debate as you can.

This means that you can’t simply show up for the debate with basic knowledge. You need to be able to master the subject that you are planning to talk about and this is the only way to ensure the best results.

The good news is that you can get research done much faster now that the internet is available.

Most information on any given subject should be available online unless the topic is very complex and new. Just make sure you exhaust all online possibilities before you get started.

Use facts

If you can find surveys and specialized statistics that are provided by reputable researchers, you are going to have an advantage when you bring any kind of argument to the table while you are debating a subject.

When you have hard facts on your subject, you have a truly powerful weapon to work with.

Stay calm and cool

This is important during a debate because the other person is going to try to catch you off guard when you are both arguing and you need to be prepared by staying calm at all times.

The moment you lose your temper, you will be giving all the power to the opposing party.

Make sure to listen to your opponent

A debate is basically a verbal confrontation that is bound by moral codes and certain rules, but the basic principle is the same of a boxing match.

You need to watch out for the opponent’s movement and then counter attack once you see an opening.

This is the most essential and important aspect of any confrontation. Listen to what your opponent is saying at all times and you will get better results.

Ask difficult questions

A good way to get the upper hand in any debate is to consider the importance of taking the time to ask the most complex and difficult questions.

You never know when your opponent might be unable to answer a question properly and this is going to help you gain ground.

Don’t argue just for the sake of it

You need to be able to concede certain things that your opponent has to say.

If you try to argue over everything, it will cheapen the value of your arguments and it will make you seem unreasonable.

So, unless the opponent is only saying one illogical thing after another, chances are that you should be avoiding an argument just for the sake of it.


A debate is meant to be a way for two people or two groups of people to decide the best way to approach a certain subject.

Everyone who is involved in a debate needs to have enough knowledge on said subject if they are to get the kind of results they want.

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