How to Write a Controversial Essay

Controversial Essay

There is no question that controversy has always been a part of our lives.

When something is controversial this basically means that there are many debates and arguments around the topic and there are often very different ways of thinking in regards to those controversial topics.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips that you can implement when you are looking to write an essay on a controversial topic.

Do plenty of research

You are going to have to work much harder when you are delivering a controversial essay because you need to present the arguments on one side of the issue and the arguments on the completely opposite side of that issue.

This means that in order to create a good controversial essay, you have to be able to present the logic behind the train of thought on each side.

It’s very important for you to be able to look for the most reliable and useful reference that you can find on the subject.

This is going to allow you to give people a fair point of view that is going to be very useful when they are trying to make a decision on what they want to believe and which of the viewpoints is going to be more appealing to them.

The good thing is that the internet can easily provide a good portion of that research and in some cases all of it, so those trips to the library are becoming less and less frequent as time goes.

Create your own point of view

Some people try to do a controversial essay by simply giving details on the way that opposing sides think and this is not the main purpose.

You should be able to form a new opinion or at least bring something strong to the table in terms of why you consider one way of thinking to have more validity than the other.

You need to be able to bring facts into the essay and create valid points that support those facts in a way that convinces the reader to consider adopting your way of thinking too.

This is going to ensure that the results you get are going to be ideal for your needs.

Your contribution needs to come from facts

You can’t expect to convince people of the way you think if you can’t bring any logical and factual information to the table.

When you write an essay, you need to consider the importance of always being able to state facts and create arguments that are based on as much solid information as you can.

This is extremely important with controversial essays because you already know the topic is heavily divided.

Get some feedback

The need to get other people to read and critique your essay before you turn it in is something that we consider extremely important.

Never forget that there is a very high level of mental fatigue that always takes place when you are writing a document and this can make it hard for you to see flaws and issues that might be easy for other people to spot because their minds are not saturated with the essay they are reading.


There is nothing more satisfying than being able to create a controversial essay that brings something new to the table and makes the reader think about the best way to approach the subject.

This is going to be extremely important and useful in the process of getting a good grade for creating something that offers and valid argument that helps create an original idea or approach for the topic that is being analyzed.

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