How to Write a Memorable Speech

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When a people give a speech, they could be taking their audience for an incredible ride, or they could be boring them with sleep inducing words that will bore every person that is listening.

There is no question that writing a memorable speech can be a difficult task, but there are certain things that you can do in order to ensure that people are going to love what you are saying.

In this article, we are going to give you some important information on what it takes for you to be able to write a memorable speech.

You need to make sure there is a point to your speech

The biggest mistake that people make when they write a pitch is that they often forget the fact that they need to have a specific point that they will be talking about.

There are many cases in which people in the audience feel like they are being led through a maze of words and there seems to be no specific point being made.

When you are giving a speech, you need to be able to avoid giving it in a way that is going to feel like you are all over the place and you are not focused on anything at all.

You need to make sure that you get from point A to point B instead of starting at point A and then moving all the way to point Z without any logical reason. In other words, avoid straying off your topic.

You need to have a structure

The best way to make sure that you can avoid getting lost in your own speech is to create a structure that you will be able to follow while you are giving the speech. This is something that you can write down on a paper and keep it as a visual reference while you are giving your speech.

You have to tell a good story

When you are giving a speech, the best way to get people to relate to it and to feel engaged is to tell a story as you a trying to make your point. This is going to make people feel familiar with the story that you are talking about and that is going to be extremely important and useful.

You could create a story from a personal experience or you could tell the story of someone that had a huge impact on your life. The important thing to keep in mind at all times is that the story needs to lead to an important part of your speech. It needs to be connected directly to the topic of your speech too.

Practice your speech

The best way to give a speech is to practice until it sounds spontaneous. It’s ok for you to practice and practice until you have a perfect grasp of the structure and the time it will take for you to give your speech, but the essential thing is to be able to make your audience feel like you are going being spontaneous while also in total command of the topic or topics you are talking about.


Giving a speech is very easy, but giving an engaging and entertaining speech that catches the attention of your audience is definitely not an easy thing to do at all. Just make sure that you follow the advice that we have given you here and you will be able to deliver a great speech.

Do you research, create a structure and rehearse as much as possible and you will definitely have a better chance to engage your audience.

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