How to Write Your First Resume

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Writing a resume can be a difficult thing to do even for people with plenty of experience to fill a few pages, but this is going be even harder for someone who has no experience to work with, expect for their learning experience in school and other institutions they may have attended.

In this article, we are going to give you some important tips in regards to the kind of information that you should put on your resume and the things you should avoid doing too.


If you have little to no working experience, you need to focus on the positive characteristics that would make you a good employee. This means that you should mention your serenity, your ability to listen and to learn from people with more experience.

This is the kind of information that people want to hear about.

Your skills with computers

This is a must for anyone who wants to have a job in the modern word. Having no job experience is no excuse for anyone in modern times not to have skills with computers and with the internet.

If you have knowledge of internet marketing or at least of social media marketing at all, you definitely want to include that on your resume.

Any coursework you have done

If you have no paid job experience, you probably have coursework experience that you can mention. This is a very important requirement for most students to graduate from college and you should have coursework that you have done in the past.

If you can get a recommendation letter from your boss on your performance during your coursework that would be great too.

Your educational accomplishments

This is obviously important because it will show just how dedicated you used to be when you studied.

If you didn’t get any specific accomplishments during your high school and college years, just give a brief report on the years you went to college and the studies you finished.

Any other courses you took or diplomas you got for learning specific skills should also be mentioned, but avoid those diplomas you got from a 3-day seminar because they make it seem like you are too desperate and have nothing substantial to show.

A good resume should never exceed 2 or 3 pages and that is already a long stretch.

Emphasize on your skills

You should always emphasize on the skills you have and this is going to allow you to give a great impression. There are companies that are looking for a specific kind of person with people skills.

If you can show that you are a team player that knows how to deal with people and has great emotional control, you will be the kind of person that fits in with any company that is looking for fresh talent.

Always keep the reader in mind

This is also going to be extremely important because most people write their resumes without thinking about what the reader will think. Human resources recruiters are always looking for something unique and valuable about the resumes they read.

They want someone that adds value to their business and not just someone got good grades.


Making a great first impression with your resume should never be about accumulating page after page of diplomas and recommendation letters.

It’s about being genuine and showing people the reason why your personality is ideal for their business.

Never forget that companies want people that can help their business move forward and they want people that can bring something fresh to the table.

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