Research Paper: Basic Rules for Sentence Structure

Basic Rules for Sentence Structure

Basic writing skills have always been a part of a person’s daily life, whether he is in school, the workplace, or just simply writing to a friend.

Nevertheless, while most everyone can put a pen to a paper and write, not everyone is equipped with the skills to weave beautiful words together in order to create a written work – articles, novels, press releases, books, research papers, and others. Still, if a person has a strong dedication to start learning the basics of writing, the reward could be truly remarkable.

You learned to write as a kid. However, establishing strong writing skills starts once you attend classes at school. The beauty of learning the heart of basic skills in writing starts at school. Every school has the responsibility to teach every student to learn basic to advanced methods of writing.

Each person must have the time to be more focused in discovering the different aspects of writing; this is a good sign to mold students to develop strong writing skills.

The Essence of Basic Writing Skills

Let’s suppose you’re a student tasked to work on a research paper. Your main objective is to collate all your ideas together and be able to produce a well-written paper, with all the points you researched laid out in a coherent, easy-to-read manner.

You can do that, even if you’re not a “born” writer, by making sure you apply the essence of basic writing skills – having good sentence structure. What is a sentence structure?

Sentence structure is typically the way you arrange sentences in your composition, making sure that it is done without any grammatical errors.

Parts of the Sentence

A sentence has two basic parts – the subject and the predicate – and a good sentence structure should have both. A subject could be a person, place, or thing performing an action in a sentence. Simply put, it is what the sentence is all about. The predicate, on the other hand, expresses action within the sentence and usually contains the verb and other modifying words. In the sentence, “The baby is crying”, your subject is “the baby” while your predicate is “is crying”.

Other elements to a sentence contained within the subject or predicate add meaning or detail to it. These are direct object, indirect object, and subject complement. Nevertheless, in order to ensure good sentence structure in your composition, it’s important that you know some basic components in writing.

Learning Basic Elements of Writing Skills

Good writing skills contain several basic components and skills needed in writing, three of which are vital. As long as all three elements are incorporated in a sentence coherently, you’re assured of good sentence structure. These are:

  1. Grammar and Syntax – These manage the order and structure of the language used in writing that include rules and guidelines in building proper sentences to effectively convey ideas.
  2. Style – A style in writing can be connect to a person that highlights a uniqueness of the tone and voice in writing and it is being utilized to exhibit personality and communicate the preferred thoughts and ideas to the readers, this may come as a meaningful approach and such.
  3. Vocabulary – It is one of the most important elements in learning the basic skills in writing, the vocabulary is tasked to put feelings and thoughts into the language. Learning vocabulary will constantly develop and broaden as people communicate and learn new things.

There are no stringent rules for sentence structure. Nevertheless, as long as all parts of a sentence and elements of basic writing skills are seen in your composition, you’ll know you’ve created a well-structured piece.

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