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Changing Trends in College Essay Writing 2016

future pen for modern writing

Essays have always followed a certain number of rules that have been used for decades, but things have changed drastically in the modern world and the new trends in essay writing for 2016 are about contributing new ideas that challenge old ways of thinking and blend perfectly with the technological advancements that we are experiencing on a daily basis.

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Career Trends Students Should Be Watching in 2016

good career for student

There is no way to question how stressful it can be for most people to decide what kind of career they want to pursue. This can be a very critical time for people and the pressure could lead them to choose a career that they do not feel passionate about.

In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the most popular career trends in 2016 and this can give many students a good idea of the kind of career that is actually going to be right for them.

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