The Art of Writing a Letter

Pen Writing a Letter

Writing a letter by hand is something that most Millennials don’t even remember doing at all.

This used to be the most popular form of communication for a large number of people and even if you don’t find it practical for the modern and hectic world we live in, you should learn the basic skills that will help you write a good letter in digital format.

The truth is that there are some situations in which a letter is going to be much better because it shows that you wanted to take the time to write something that is intended for a very specific purpose and to create proper formatting for it.

In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the most important things you should keep in mind when writing a letter.

Write the address and the date at the top

This is a very important part of the protocol that constitutes a letter. You need to allow the reader to know the date in which you wrote the letter and also the location. A letter without this is not going to be complete.

Start with a greeting

You should always start by greeting the recipient of the letter. A good way to do this is with the traditional “Dear (insert name)”.

This is a good way to establish that you are writing a formal letter and it will allow you to get the best results when someone receives the letter.

Close the letter with style

There are quite a few ways to end your letter and some of the best suggestions include “Best Wishes” or “Kind Regards”. Your signature should go at the bottom below the closing note.

This is always going to make your letter even better and it will give it legitimacy when you sign it with an actual pen instead of using a digital version of your signature.

Proofread the letter

This should be something you do with any kind of writing that is going to be seen by other people other than yourself. Always take the time to proofread the letter by reading it a few times.

Print the letter

While the modern world would not require for you to hand write a letter, you should still make sure that you deliver a physical version of your letter to the recipient.

This is going to be extremely important and it will make it more legitimate and powerful to those who are receiving it.

Fold it and place it in an envelope

Your letter should be folded properly to fit an envelope and then after you have sealed the envelope, you should make sure that you write the name of the recipient at the top left corner and also at the bottom in the middle.

The address should also be written below the name in both areas. Some people also write a return address if the letter is not sent for any given reason and the postal service can bring it back to you in this case.


Writing a good letter is a skill that is always going to be useful. There will always be situations in which you will be sending formal letters to people and the learning the basic essentials that we have written in this article is going to prove to be very useful for you in every aspect of your professional career.

We recommend that you practice by writing a few letters that you are not planning to send to anyone. Also, try to keep your formal letter at no more than one full page of writing if possible, but there are exceptions depending on the nature of the letter.

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