The Best Homework Excuses List

The Best Homework Excuses List

There is no doubt that we need to have a little humor in life and one of the things that we feel is important is to always remind people of the importance of relaxing and making light and harmless fun out of anything related to our studies.

This is a great way to clear your mind and get ready to work hard when you need to start an assignment or get ready for a test.

In this article, we are going to be talking about something we have all done, or at least most of us at one point in life and that is to make excuses for not turning our homework in or for a terribly bad assignment delivery.

Without any further ado, here are the best and funniest homework excuses that anyone has ever come up with.

My dog ate my homework

If homework excuses had a reigning champion, there is no doubt that “my dog ate my homework” would be the kind of kings. There is probably no school or college in this world that has not been witness to that popular excuse and that is the reason why we are mentioning before the rest.

My grandmother died

Second only to the canine excuse, it seems like many people have been more than willing to sacrifice their grandmothers for a good grade or to avoid a bad one.

This one has created a large number of misunderstanding when people actually do have their grandmother die and their teachers think they are just crying wolf.

My mom threw it in the trash

This is also a popular one and mothers all over the world have been accused of crimes they did not commit. Ok, saying crime is a strong word for throwing homework to the trash by mistake, but even when there is a slight chance that this actually happens, most of the time the excuse is a complete and total lie.

You would also want to avoid a call from school asking your mom to be more careful with your homework.

The FBI picked it up as evidence

There is a rumor about a teacher that actually have an A+ to a student for coming up with such an incredibly creative excuse for not turning his homework in. He said that the FBI visited his home and snatched some columns from his room which unfortunately included his homework.

Other students have heard of this story and have also attempted to get good grades, but they have all failed in their attempts.

My little sister painted over it

Who could ever get mad at a little sister that is just looking to display her artistic skills? The good old excuse that a younger sibling used your homework for a canvas might be cute enough to get everyone in class laughing, but it will probably fail to give you that A you desperately need.

I got mugged on the way to school

While there might be some credibility behind this claim in some cases, this is also going to fail to succeed with most teachers as it has been a very common excuse that has also been proven to be fake in most cases. The biggest flaw is that the kids who say they got mugged often have their smartphones and backpacks with them.


There are plenty of excuses out there and you could be one of those people who decides to avoid procrastination and turn your homework in on time. If not, you might want to be tempted to use one of these excuses, but we know that you know better than that.

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