Things we’ll Miss about Our Freshman Dorm

Freshman Dorm

Remember the day you finished high school? You probably jumped up in the air and yelled out in joy that it was finally over, but with college, things are not likely to work that way for you.

The end of college means the beginning of responsibility and adulthood, but it also means you will no longer enjoy things that living in dorms allowed you to enjoy.

Living close to your closest friends

Even if you don’t go to college with your best high school friends, you are very likely to make some new great close friends in college. This is probably the only time when you will be somewhat of an adult and also enjoy the fun of being right next door or just across the hall from your best friends.

Your roommate

This could be a hellish experience for some, but for most it becomes a very cool bonding experience with a person that turns into a very close friend. Roommates are there to help us when we feel discouraged and to remind us that we need to work hard too.

They are there to laugh with us and even cry if need be. Roommates are excellent friends that we keep usually for life even if life separates us from them.

Borrowing things

It’s crazy to think about it, but when you are in college you borrow everything and everything is borrowed to you. Whatever you might not have, you can usually borrow it from close friends. You can borrow everything in college and no one ever denies you anything.

Paying no bills

This is the personal favorite part of college life for most of those people who don’t have to work and study. You are doing adult stuff, but you are not paying bills and you are not worrying about budgets. Life is never going to be so carefree again.

Being drunk and being loud

While we would never condone drinking, it has become a tradition for drinking to be tolerated by college authorities when students are not on campus. You will miss days when you woke up with a hangover and had a test to go to.

No chores

One of the great things about college is that you will be given the freedom you want in regards to how much you have to clean up and how much you will study and be responsible.

Obviously, you need to develop a sense of responsibility, but it’s good to feel that you have no one yelling at you from the kitchen telling you to clean you room or do your homework. Your dorm is like your own home without it being yours and that makes it a special transition.


The walking accessibility that is going to allow you to get off your bed and be at the fridge or the kitchen after taking a couple of steps is priceless. You are going to miss your dorm very much when you own a normal house with huge cleaning bills and no way to reach the fridge without opening at least one door after getting out of bed and walking a reasonable number of steps.


Life in a dorm room can be a tight life, but there are so many things that you will definitely miss about it, you are going to have to end up feeling melancholy about those days when you had to eat so many frozen burritos and you could just yell out to your best friend across the hall in order to hang out and have fun.