Top 10 College Essay Topics in 2017

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There are all kinds of topics for college essays and the popularity of those topics is constantly shifting from year to year.

It’s always important to know which topics are most popular because this gives you a chance to see which one might be a good one for you to decide to engage for your next college essay assignment.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the most essential and important tips that will help you achieve the best results.

  1. Dealing with failure
    This is a very good topic because you can share a story about failure and how you managed to deal with that in order to come out on top and feeling renewed. The topic of failure tends to be a difficult one for a lot of people because they fear it, but being able to write an essay about this is always going to be an appealing thing to read.
  2. Overcoming obstacles
    Everyone is going to experience difficult times in life and being able to overcome them is always going to be essential. This can be one of the best essays to write because it allows you to share a story about your own challenged and how you managed to get through them.
  3. Showing commitment
    If there is one essay that is as appealing as talking about failure and overcoming obstacles, it has to be one about showing commitment to your goals.
  4. Dealing with loss
    Life is full of good and bad moments and we all win and lose at some point. An essay about dealing with the loss of a loved one is always inspiring to people because this is a problem we all face eventually.
  5. Travel experiences
    This is also a very interesting topic for an essay because everyone likes to hear a nice story about traveling and the kind of cultural differences that are found in all regions of the world.
  6. Overcoming fear
    We all fear things and some people have a very hard time getting rid of fear in certain situations. This can be a very interesting topic for an essay. Fear is the number one cause of failure in life and being able to overcome any fears that you have is going to be essential for you to succeed in anything you do in life.
  7. Pursuing your passion
    Many people have good paying jobs or decide to engage in very successful careers, but few people out there actually do what they love. Maybe you can share a story about what you are passionate about and how you hope your college experience can help you achieve that.
  8. Soul searching
    Talking about who you are and what you consider to be important in life is always an interesting topic for an essay. Soul searching is all about learning to identify who you are and what you are about. Soul searching is basically when a person is trying to find out their true purpose in life and their place in this world.
  9. Your childhood
    Being able to describe your childhood in an essay is also going to be a great way to capture the attention of the readers. Sharing important and relevant things that happened to you in your childhood is going to be very important.
  10. Your biggest inspiration
    This is also a very common essay and it gives people the chance to talk about those that they consider to be an inspiration to them. There are many people that inspire us in life, but mentioning the most relevant individuals is going to provide great reading material.
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