The prices are formed with taking the following factors into consideration: deadline, number of pages, academic level and type of paper.

We're sure you're not trying to trick anyone, but, unfortunately, many others are. To combat this, we do not start any work on the order until the payment goes through and we confirm that it is you.

You are covered by our 100% return policy in cases when the order is cancelled, we cannot find a writer to complete your order in the time allotted, or when you've received the paper after the deadline was up (but you haven't yet opened the preview). Check out [THIS PAGE] for complete information on our money return policy.

We do not reuse any parts of papers previously written for our clients. Every order is written from scratch, and we do not work with writers who cannot abide by those rules. The reason all papers are unique is because of Turnitin, a popular plagiarism checker with colleges. It saves all works submitted to it into a database, and, if ever a previously written work is submitted to it, the system marks it as plagiarism.

We use two pieces of specialized software to check if any of the material in a given paper matches anything that's found on the web. If the system finds a match online, it then shows up as a red flag in our system, and a quality assurance specialist must then check if the marked section has a source, or not.

We can provide you with a plagiarism report at your request.

For security purposes, we do not allow our clients to know the names of the writer working on their paper. We do, however, allow communication between client and writer, so feel free to ask them any question you'd like. Your paper is written by a person who feels confident enough in their knowledge on a subject to take on the task, and we simply do not assign tasks to writers if they cannot complete them. It's that simple.

We are very careful with the information our clients provide us with. All your personal information, the information about your order and your payment info is stored securely. Your payment is processed with the most sophisticated systems in place today, and is as safe as your bank allows it to be, so nothing to worry about here. To date, we have never had a client's info leaked.

The paper you ordered will arrive in your inbox when it's finished. We consider an order done only after the writer has finished writing it, and it has been checked for grammar and spelling, stylistic errors and went through the plagiarism system on our side. Your order will arrive in your inbox on our site, and you'll be notified of it by email. At that point, you'll be bale to see a preview of your paper, and, if everything has been done the way you wanted it, click 'accept order' and receive a download of your paper in .docx format.

If you've reviewed your paper and see that something hasn't been done the way you wanted it, you can order your free revision right then and there. Just click on 'revision needed', specify what changes need to be made, and your paper will arrive in the same place for your review when it has been finished. We provide our clients with three free revisions.

Yes! Most of our regular clients have their favorites. Just remember to jot down the ID number for the writer that you like, and input it the next time you order your paper. Easy as pie.

Grades are handed out subjectively, and if you're a student, you know this. Instead of guaranteeing perfect grades, we'll guarantee that your paper will be completed according to your instructions and that it will be of high quality.

To change any information in our outgoing order, contact our support, and they'll do it with you.

You sure can! If you've received some additional materials from your professor, you can upload them from your control panel. Ditto with instructions, class notes or anything else you'd like to be used in your paper.